Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Child Phonics At Home

A child’s education is one of the fundamentals of their success later on in life, and a lot of the foundational work when it comes to educating can be done at home. An effective way of teaching your child how to read is based on learning phonics.


Phonics is considered to be one of the most effective ways of teaching a child how to read, and there are benefits to be derived from teaching it. It is described as instruction-based teaching involving common speech sounds and the way they represent themselves in spelling.

Here are a few reasons that show its effectiveness:

Teaching Phonics is Efficient for the Reader

Many educational websites such as The Happy Learner encourage the teaching of phonics at home to aid a child’s ability when it comes to reading. Phonics is an efficient way to learn how to read because it emphasizes everyday speech sounds.

Being familiar with a few of these speech sounds allows your child to be able to use it as a foundational stepping stone to learn other words. It’s more efficient than memorization.

It Requires Less Memorization

Memorization is an inefficient way to learn how to read while the use of phonics efficiently reduces this. By being able to draw from stock knowledge acquired from the basics, any child would be able to use this knowledge to read new words.

Memorizing words is ineffective because it requires a student to remember thousands of words to learn how to read them. Phonics stresses on the memorization of a few original sounds and applies them to general vocabulary.

It Allows for a Child to be Better at Spelling

By teaching your child phonics at home, they will be able to have the practice they need to do better at spelling in school. Phonics emphasizes sound and spelling patterns that can easily be applied in reading, speaking, and, of course, spelling.

This gives your child an edge when it comes to their writing skills in school since spelling might come naturally to them due to prior phonics instruction.

Systematic Phonics Could be the Most Effective Method for Reading

A lot have agreed that the best way of teaching reading is through systematic phonics instruction. A documentary was even released on the tremendous amount of evidence suggesting the effectiveness of systematic phonics as a form of decoding a language.

This means that by teaching your child phonics at home, you are giving them access to the best way to read. This enhances their future reading skills and allows for foundational knowledge to grow.

Allows You to Bond With Your Child

Teaching your child phonics is a great way to bond with them because it will enable both of you to engage in a fun activity. There is no question that exercises such as reading allow for great memories to be formed in their foundational year.

In the same way, you will be able to assess your child’s proficiency and skills when it comes to reading and comprehension, and assist them in improving these. This allows for more interaction and guided instruction.

It’s a great bonding activity.

Allows for One-on-One Instruction

A great benefit of teaching skills at home is that it will enable one-on-one instructions and interaction that may not be available in a classroom with many children.

A teacher or instructor’s time has to be divided amongst a classroom full of children, while a child can receive focused and undivided attention when trained at home by a parent or family member. This type of interactive instruction allows for more material to be covered and for a child’s questions to be answered. It makes for an effective teaching method.

Better Advantage at School

By being able to provide your child with a foundational knowledge of reading at home, they will be able to perform better at reading in school. This allows for a slight comparative advantage.

Reading comprehension is also linked to the levels of decoding skills in reading. By being able to teach effective systems of reading, there is a chance that reading comprehension can also heighten, allowing for smarter students.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of benefits to equipping your child with foundational systematic phonics instruction at home. Not only does it help them perform better at reading in school, but it also gives them the foundation to be more knowledgeable about advanced forms of reading, which is not dependent on memorization.

By utilizing phonics, you can make your child a better reader. Remember, it’s one of the most effective ways of teaching someone to read a language.


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