Fun Things to Do with Your Little Ones This Fall

For your little one, every change of the seasons can bring with it excitement and novelty. Falling leaves, chilly breeze, and ever-multiplying autumnal decorations can be a joyous experience for a kid. We’ve put together a few awesome ideas to make sure that your little bundle of joy gets the absolute most out of the fall season.

1. Take them on a tour of the changing leaves.

For a kid who’s used to seeing leaves in their regular green color, seeing the orange, yellow, and red varieties can be confusing and exciting. Take the opportunity to teach your child about the natural changes of season by showing them around a grove of maple or sweetgum trees, and show them the way that the cooling air and shortening days bring with them vibrantly colored leaves.

2. Take them out trick-or-treating!

There is perhaps no more beloved American tradition than that of appearing at your neighbor’s door in costume and requesting some delicious treats. Your little one will absolutely love the wonder and fun of going around dressed up as a spooky creature or fun movie character! Plus, what kid doesn’t love a bit of candy? And for extra cuteness, why not match your little fellas and pick up a Halloween onesie for yourself!

kids in Halloween costumes

3. Decorate your house for Halloween.

Your kids will be thrilled to see a whole cast of silly Halloween characters populating your home! Put some skeleton cutouts in the window, drape some faux cobwebs over the door, and carve a few pumpkins for the front step! Be sure to listen to your kids’ fun ideas on how to best arrange the decorations – your house will definitely end up fun, funny, and unique!

4. Find a fun countryside hayride.

Raising your children with knowledge of history and tradition is so important. An autumn hayride harkens back to an agrarian past, where children might have grown up riding in the back of a tractor, helping their father bring hay to the horses and cows out in the pasture – so why not take Junior out to your local country themed spot for some autumnal fun doing the same?

boy sitting on john deer tractor

5. Visit a pumpkin patch.

There’s just no denying it: pumpkins are the autumnal gourd. Children are delighted by their often-enormous size, their bright orange color, and the endless opportunity they present for creative carving. While you’re out in the country for your hayride, take your wee one out for a fun day of pumpkin harvesting as well! Delight them by placing one of those very small pumpkins next to a near-person-sized one! If you’re living in the city, your tots will be so excited to see the wide-open spaces and country skies present out on a pumpkin patch farm.

6. Try out a corn maze.

Another country favorite, a corn maze is a great opportunity for excitement the whole family can enjoy. Plus, your child will learn some great problem-solving skills as the two of you work together to escape the endless labyrinthine maze of maize. Don’t miss out on the awesome photo opportunity corn mazes and pumpkin patches allow, and be sure your little guys are dressed up in the cutest autumnal outfits!

mom and son in Halloween costumes at pumpkin patch

7. Bake a pumpkin pie.

After you’ve brought home your pumpkins from the patch, and have carved spooky or hilarious images into them, you are going to be left with a whole mess of pumpkin filling. Why not pull at that mush to good use by showing your kids the finer points of pumpkin pie crafting? If you’re worried about making a pumpkin pie from scratch, don’t worry, there are plenty of easier options out there. Whatever you decide to go with, getting the kids in the kitchen baking with you is a great way to bond over a fun and delicious project, while at the same time teaching them about working in the kitchen.