7 Tips to Get Your Kids Involved in Your Wedding Planning Process

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Getting married is a special time like no other in your life—besides the birth of your little ones, of course! But as exciting as the whole process is, just about everyone knows how stressful it can be. And when you have kids running around, it can feel even more chaotic. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can get your little ones involved in the wedding planning process rather than carting them around from one planning appointment to the next. If you get your kiddos engaged in the activity, you can cut-down on meltdowns, get some much-needed help, and make it a more enjoyable time for the whole family!

Here are 7 tips to get your kids involved in your wedding planning process.

1) Establish a role for them

The most important step in involving your kids in the wedding planning process is as simple as giving them a role in it! Just go about it like how you selected your bridesmaids and other helpers in your wedding. For example, the maid of honor is in charge of planning the bachelorette and oftentimes the bridal shower, while the wedding coordinator serves as the person to make sure everyone knows what’s going on during the big day.

When figuring out how to get your children involved, consider giving them little tasks that they’re in charge of completing in the months before the wedding or on wedding day. Perhaps they help make placeholders for guest tables or maybe they help paint signs or make DIY decorations. This will not only give them something to focus on during this busy time, but it will also show them how important they are to you.

2) Give them some decision-making power

Another great way to show your kids how special they are is by asking them for their help and opinions as you make important decisions in the planning process. Whether it’s choosing your bridal bouquet or bringing them along to try on your wedding gown, they’ll appreciate the opportunity and have a lot more fun being involved in your big day!

3) Create a place for them in the ceremony

While it’s traditional at all weddings to include a ring bearer and/or flower girl in your wedding ceremony, it’s even more important to do so if you have children of your own. Whether you have them fill one of these roles or have them stand at the altar with you, it’s important to come up with some way for your kids to be involved in your big day.

4) Encourage them to give a toast

If your children are older, encouraging them to give a toast with their siblings or a close friend or family member is an adorable and meaningful way to include them during this milestone moment.

5) Write vows to one another

If your little one isn’t ready to share a speech with the entire wedding group, consider exchanging a set of vows with them in private instead. This will give you an excellent opportunity to share your commitment to your children and make them feel included in your wedding plans.

6) Get ready together

Your wedding day is mostly about you and your special someone, but making your kids a major part of it will only bring your family closer together. Have your daughter(s) get ready with the bridal party and have your son(s) join the groomsmen to get ready to share the big day together.

To make it even more special, present your kids with a token of your love that they can wear during the ceremony. A pair of children’s cufflinks would make an excellent gift for the young man to cherish forever. And for your daughter, a sweet locket would be a special tribute to the mother-daughter love you two share.

7) Have a first family dance

After your traditional first dances, consider having a first family dance during the reception! Work with the whole family to choose a song you can all agree on and get ready to dance the night away!

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Final notes

When you involve your kids in the wedding planning process, everyone is sure to have a more meaningful and memorable time because of it. Just use these 7 tips to show you the way.