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Revolving Wardrobe for Littles

delivering unlimited stylish outfits for children size 3M - 5T

 how the baby clothes subscription works



How it works

  • Receive a bundle of stylish little clothes

  • Have your child wear them

  • Return the clothes in the prepaid shipping bag

  • A new bundle of adorable outfits will be on it's way

  • Receive a new bundle of clothes as often as every week

  • Update your child's size as needed



  • Convenience - We do the shopping for you

  • Style - We keep up with the latest styles and trends, adding new inventory each season

  • Reduced Clutter of out grown clothes


No charge for damaged or stained clothes

Free Shipping both ways


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Tell us any style preferences in the "Additional Comments" text field in your cart. 

Option to purchase any item in your shipment at 50% off the MSRP

Easily update your child's size, account info, or cancel at any time



Customers receive the most value from our service by returning and receiving new bundles weekly


Customer Reviews

Happy stylish baby

Love this sub. Great outfits, great customer service and it's really convenient to have my little one always changing outfits without actually having to go out and buy them and spending so much money, since she's outgrowing all her clothes every couple of months.

Happy Tot Happy Mom!

This service is simply a life saver! It is so hard to dress my squirmy 7 month old! When I get clothes from the store, or from my awesome family and friends, so many of them are difficult to get on her in the limited amount of time she gives me before she throws herself into a death roll. I end up either completely frustrated or with a drawer full of clothes I dare not attempt. The best part about fittedtot.com for me is the fact that I'm not stuck with anything that doesn't work for me! Bonus: if I REALLY like any outfit, I have the option to purchase it at a super great price. AND, if it doesn't work for us, we can just send it back and have new outfits within days! I have yet to receive anything that was less than super adorable and at the rate she is growing can appreciate not having boxes of no longer used clothing! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this service!

Pleasantly surprised

This product is awesome! It only took a few minutes to get signed up, and in no time, my first box was at my door.
The presentation of the box, for starters, was beautiful, and the clothes were neatly shipped and clean.
The clothing itself was great! Very stylish, and fits my son perfectly. We both love the outfits!
Overall, the timeliness was great, the clothing was adorable, and the process is so quick and easy! This program fits our busy lifestyle perfectly, and leaves me worry free, that I'll always have great outfits for my ever growing son.
I highly recommend this program to everyone! 

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