Q: What is the average price per item?

A: The average price per item is $30 and the average cost for the whole box is $180. Remember, if you purchase the entire box, you will receive a 15% discount. The $20 styling fee will also be credited towards your purchase of 2 or more items.

Q: How many items are in each box?

A: Each box will have between 5 to 8 items. 

Q: When will I be charged for the items I wish to keep?

A: You have five business days to try things on. Simply return the items you don’t want to keep with our prepaid return envelope. Your credit card will be charged when your return package is received or 7 business days after delivery if your return package is not received by then. Any returns received after this time will be returned for Fitted Tot credit.

Q: What if I love an item but it doesn't fit?

A: Send us an email requesting an item in a different size.  If we have the item available, we will send it to you right away at no additional shipping cost. However, you will not be able to return this item. 

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: Simply send an email requesting to cancel at [email protected] at least 5 days prior to your renewal date. 

Q: Can the styling fee be applied to the next month if I choose not to keep anything?

A: The styling fee can only be applied to the current shipment and cannot be refunded.

Q: Do you ship outside the United States?

A: No. Currently we are only able to ship within the United States.