Vintage Baby Clothes Trends

Vintage Baby Clothes Trends

There’s something very nostalgic to me about vintage baby clothes.  Probably because the style always reminds me of the Easter dresses my mom had me wear as a little girl.  Vintage isn’t the typical style I choose for myself or even a look I would dress my son in for everyday play.  But every time I see a new photo
of Prince George I find myself searching online for a way to get a similar look within my price range.

There’s just a certain kind of sweetness associated with vintage style baby clothes that appeals to me for special occasion wear.  The hand embroidery and crochet trims give you a one of a kind feel for the days you want your little one to really stand out.  Vintage style clothes also tend to be of a much higher quality which is why they can be handed down for generations.  Don’t worry though if your mother didn’t save any of your childhood getups because there are plenty of great retailers that specialize in vintage baby clothes.

 The Sailor Look

sailor dress

The sailor look is one of my favorite vintage styles for both boys and girls.  Vindie Baby has some adorable sailor outfits perfect for a spring photo session.

baby clothes sailor outfit

For little boys I like the sailor romper available from the Etsy shop Zuli Kids.


baby clothes ruffles dressRuffles for little girls have been making a come back in a serious way. Although I love the ruffle pants that have become increasingly popular from online boutiques,the classic ruffle dress still pulls at my heartstrings. This dress from Blu Pony Vintage is made with a striped crinkle fabric that is a summertime favorite for any little girl.

Peter Pan

baby clothes peter pan collar

Of course you can’t talk about vintage baby looks without talking about the Peter Pan collar. While the style on women says sophistication and high fashion, the style on tots screams squeeze me! This adorable Peter Pan collar boy outfit from Petit Ami can be found on Amazon.

These are just a few great vintage baby looks that are out there. Even if you don’t want to make it your child’s day to day wear I definitely suggest finding a few great pieces for those occasions you want to remember. These looks are timeless, hold up well, and look amazing in photographs.