Top Three Trends in Kids Fashion for Summer 2017

What comes to your mind when you think about fashion? I believe that fashion is an outward reflection of who we are. However, fashion could be a lifestyle, a personality, art, a trend, vogue or even practice. Fashion is something that we cannot all escape because it is part of who we are and as we progress with the trends, we cannot leave out the kids. According to Coco Chanel, “Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway.” On that note, summer 2017 will be lit for the kids as they try out some new trends and keep up with the rest.


The Mini-Me dressing

Ever seen the Beyoncé-Ivy or the Kim-North style where the celebrities dress the same way like their little ones? The mini-me dressing is not only cute and adorable but has also brought a connection for the kids to their parents. The mothers and fathers can try to design some cute and unique outfits that they can wear and match with their daughters and sons and spread the love all around the place. Mini-Me is an incredible way of expressing adoration and affection to the little ones and telling them that they are beautiful and heavenly always.


Street Fashion

Right from the grassroots street wear, this trend is impeccable. The loose jackets, the pants, the stockings for the girls accompanied by some sophisticated shoes, layered clothing, sneakers, comfy floral dresses, and caps can make a beautiful day. Who doesn’t want their kids to rock the streets? An additional plus to all these can be some accessories like bracelets, chains, rings and some shades. On the streets; fashion is about creativity, comfortably, discovery and freedom and this can fascinate any kid.


The Prints

Nothing makes a child happier than possessing a product or an outfit that has a face of some popular figure that they look up to or a cartoonist that they admire. This summer, you can try printing some shirts with labels and images of Winnie the Pooh, Barbie, Moana, Anna or Elsa, Harry Potter, and Spiderman. The prints cannot be restricted to the shirts alone, but they can also be on the skirts, blouses or vests. Kids feel sort of powerful when they have belongings that represent their happiness. Try the prints this summer, and it will be fascinating by all means, I am sure.

Making our children happy is our priority and we do all we can to make their happiness matter. One of the best ways to do that can be to make their summer this year different and exciting in every minute. It is not too hard if you have that Mini-me collection that reminds you of when you were a child and that makes your kid feel on top of the world. The prints would make a lasting impression and it something that the kids can boast around with when they are playing with their friends. What about the street fashion? Every kid has a hero who can be a celebrity or a figure they look up to. But this summer, let your child feel like he is his own hero.