Top 5 Baby Clothes Trends of 2016 We Love

The fashion industry has a rich history when it comes to teenagers, but lately a new shift in baby clothing trends has been a kicking in. Most people aren’t aware or don’t follow the modern baby clothing trends, but it will surely play a major part in the style of your child’s wardrobe. Some trends may only suit parents who like to dress their children in non-mainstream clothing but many are appropriate for the more traditional parent as well.

1. Gender Neutral

One of the more standout trends of 2016 is the rise in use of gender neutral colors.  Gone are the days where we want to dress our babies in all pink or blue, accordingly. With 2015 being one of the biggest years in history for gender neutrality acceptance, baby clothing trends have begun to follow suit.  The black and white color combination hasn’t traditionally been a popular choice for baby clothes but now is a top pick.  It was first seen on a lot of receiving blankets and other accessories but is now gaining momentum in clothing as well.  The gender neutral gray is also emerging as the go to color for in style baby clothes.

2. Kimono

One of the hot trends this year is the up and coming kimono style onesie. They feature snaps at the neck opening that make pulling it over your baby’s head much easier than the traditional onesie.  They can make up your baby’s basic staples but also come in a variety of stylish designs for special occasions.  They come in short and long sleeves making them ideal for any time of the year.  Most importantly, they are comfortable enough for your child to wear all day and to bed.

3. A-Line

Bright and cheery colors are always on trend for toddler girls’ summer clothing. It’s the cut of the dress that tends to change. This summer, it’s all about the A-line. These 60’s style influenced dresses make adorable twirl-around outfits. Can’t you just picture your little girl rushing towards the butterflies in a floral print A-line dress?!

4. Short Sets

Another blessing of summer are the always trendy short sets. Some of them are as simple as wearing a cotton pink dress while others with intricate prints may take more effort to pair together. Short sets are charming while allowing your child to stay cool and comfortable in the hot summer months.

5. Organic Cotton

A trend that seems to be here to stay is that of dressing your baby in organic cotton clothing.  The ultra soft fabric makes it ideal for those staple items, especially for newborns.  They also tend to come in gender neutral cream and gray hues.  These seemingly highly sought after garments are becoming more widely available than ever.  We love the Burt’s Bees line of organic baby clothes which are available at Target.

Ultimately, following fashion trends for baby and toddler clothes is becoming more prevalent than ever as millenials enter the parenting world.  Dressing our minnies is no longer strictly about comfort and practicality but is also about keeping them Instagram ready.  Make sure you check out my next article, Why we Love to Show off our Babies on Social Media, which is soon to come.