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Shoes are a fun accessory to mix and match with your child’s outfits.  There are so many cute brands on the market today, but as parents we value comfort and function as well as style for our little ones.  Here is a list of our favorite stylish and trendy baby shoe brands that meet all of these criteria.  

1. Freshly Picked

Freshly Picked is a company with an amazing momtrepreneur story.  Susan Peterson started this company from her home, selling on Etsy, in 2006.  Although she didn’t sell shoes until 2009.  She felt that soft sole shoes were better for babies as they learn to balance because they can use their toes.  Her idea was a hit.  By 2014 she brought her company to ABC’s Shark Tank, and is now running one of the hottest baby shoe brands in the world! 

2. Stride Rite

stride rite surprise shoes


Here is a baby shoe brand that has stood the test of time.  Established in 1919, this hundred year old brand still brings trendy style together with comfort and function for your little ones. 

3. See kai run

See Kai Run Peyton Rose Shimmer Baby Girl Shoe

See Kai Run was founded in 2004 when Seattle mom, Cause Haun, went on a mission to find a baby shoe that was best in health and design for her son.  She was not satisfied with her options and launched See Kai Run.  Their designers understand that a child’s foot is different from an adults. These shoes are not only super stylish and trendy but are FLEXIBLE, which helps develop proper balance, gait and stride. 

4. Robeez

Robeez Parker Casual Shoe

Robeez is another soft sole baby she company.  This one was established in 1994.  Their flex-soled footwear supports the healthy development of little feet and their apparel uses ultra soft fabrics to keep little ones comfy. 

5. Adidas

adiKids' Baseline CMF baby Sneaker

This iconic German brand is a staple in many adult wardrobe and shoe collections.  Of course we think these sneakers are absolutely adorable on kids too.  The instantly recognizable three stripe logo was interestingly acquired by Adidas from the Finnish athletic footwear brand Karhu Sports, for two bottles of whiskey and the equivalent of 1600 euros in 1952! 

6. Converse


The American classic Chuck Taylor All Star by Converse is another staple in many adult shoe collections and just the cutest addition to many casual baby outfits!  We love this gender neutral look too.   

7. Livie & Luca

Petal Shimmer Crib Shoe

Livie and Luca’s tagline is “adorable shoes for adorable feet.” Founded in the San Francisco bay area, this company has been making the trendiest little baby shoes since 2005.

8. Baby deer

Baby Deer Conner Saddle Shoe

Baby Deer infant and toddler shoes have been a premier brand since delivering their first order to Macy’s back in 1938! 

9. Keds

Keds litttle girl shoes

Keds is a woman’s shoe brand known for providing women with accessible, fashionable footwear for over 100 years.  Their lines for babies and toddlers continues that tradition keeping up with the latest styles and trends while providing comfort for you little girl. 

10. Jack & Lily

Jack and lilly baby boy shoes

When it comes to stylish and trendy baby shoe brands Jack and Lily really sets the bar, which is impressive for a company just 15 years old.  But they don’t just care about their kid’s footwear being stylish, they use their podiatrist recommended signature rubber non-slip flex-sole in all their shoes to protect those little feet.  

11. BirdRock Baby

Not unlike some of the other brands on our list, this baby footwear company was created by parents looking to provide great shoes, moccasins, and booties at a great price.  Unlike other brands, this company was created by two dads!   And these guys are sticklers for quality.  It’s no surprise BirdRock Baby moccasins are one of the most popular on Amazon

12. Tsukihoshi

This Japanese toddler shoe brand is fairly new to the US but the quality and style they bring have them rising to the top of the market.  You’ll find these sneaks online or at your local Nordstrom’s. 


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