Summer Sailing: Anchors, Stripes and Sailboats for the Summer Fun!

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Ahoy mateys! Although I didn’t go off on a cruise or sail away in a yacht into the glistening sunset, I can at least say that this anchors, stripes and sailboats style is still alive. This is one of the fun Summer fashion trends that are still popular today.

Why not? It is a fun style that can be paired with almost anything in your baby’s closet, from hats, hairbows and sandals.

They are the perfect look for Summer especially if you’re planning a trip to the caribbean coasts of Costa Rica or to the coast of California. Or to the kiddie pool in your backyard. It doesn’t matter! Let’s check out all these cute outfits available at Janie and Jake.


If you just had a baby and still want to have your baby as a fashionista, he can wear this comfortable 100% cotton anchor print kimono styled footed one piece. It is functional for diaper changes and keeping baby cool.



You can pair it with matching accessories such as these soft cotton stretchy socks with a matching naval look.


If baby is teething or still needs to have a burp cloth, you can’t be left without the matching and reversible bib. You don’t want his cute outfit to get dirty.



Since more than likely you’ll be out and about with baby getting some Vitamin D, you might be cautious and have your baby wear a cute hat that will prevent the sun from harming your baby’s eyes and head. This adorable hat will make the perfect combination for outfit and baby.


Now, if you will be indoors or in the shade of your backyard, then this soft reversible cotton beanie will be perfect for your little one.


Is baby comfortable in the water by now? These cute sailboat print diaper covers can be used for the kiddie pool or sand box. Having comfortable stretchy clothes will help baby move freely if he is a crawler.


Since we don’t want that much Vitamin D or have baby get sunburned, you can match the diaper covers with this UPF 50+ protective top. They’re the excellent match! Now baby can sail away into the water or sand adventures.

Oh and if you have a baby girl, let’s throw out the anchor and check out this adorable set for her sailing.


Who doesn’t like ruffles? This clean sailor look is just calling out for the perfect cruise. It already comes paired with the matching diaper cover with cute bows that embellish the set and some stripes and sailboats on the top. This would be a great photo prop set as well, especially for those nautical themed birthday parties.


You can’t have this gorgeous outfit without its matching hat or headband. Again, depending if you will be out and about or inside, you can choose the hat to protect your baby or the charming headband. Your baby will look just as chic and adorable with either look.


Let’s sail away with these gorgeous sets, whether boy or girl or even both, you’re ready to go off on an adventurous cruise and stylish as well. So if you’re into the anchors, stripes and sailboats trend, these are a few ideas to get you on your way. Ahoy!

Do you like the anchors, stripes and sailboats motifs and style?

This is a guest post by Gloria, and you can find her on her blog: Confessions of a SAHM Site.