Savvy Spending Tips for Expectant Moms

Elation is the first response most people have upon finding out they’re going to have a baby. Once the high-fiving and jumping up and down is over, your next thought is likely to be wondering how you’ll pay for it all. A new baby is truly a blessed event, but once the enormity of the situation hits home, there’s a definite “reality check.” If pinching pennies hasn’t been on your radar, pregnancy is a very good reason to start being thrifty – here are a few tips to help put you on the path to saving.


Pregnancy clothing, not to mention baby clothes and supplies, can be expensive, so start checking with family and friends about hand-me-downs right away. You probably know of someone who would be happy to loan or give you their old pregnancy clothing  and baby gear (and create needed space in their homes). In fact, it’s common for people to carefully preserve many of these items in hopes of passing them on to someone else. This is an excellent money-saving opportunity, because you’ll only be wearing maternity clothing for a few months, and certain baby items are not worth buying brand new.

Watch for sales

If you don’t have a ready source of maternity hand-me-downs, or just need brand new clothes, start looking for the best deals as soon as possible. Fortunately, it isn’t terribly difficult to find sales and discounts to get the most for your dollar. If you’re in the market for new maternity clothing and baby gear, you can save plenty of cash if you search for in-store savings and promotions at a variety of major retailers like JCPenney, Kohl’s, BuyBuy Baby and more. 

Thinking ahead also means planning for needs after you’ve given birth, particularly nursing bras and even a hands free pumping bra, which allows you to pump hands free so you can tend to other tasks. You’ll be breastfeeding for several months at least, so keep a watchful eye out for online sales and websites offering promotional deals, including savings on bras when you bundle your order. 

Start clipping

The time to start stocking up on diapers and formula is before your baby arrives. If you’re new to coupon clipping, this is a great time to get in the habit. You can save a tremendous amount of money by collecting those circulars that arrive in the mail and scouring pregnancy magazines for coupons.

Also, once registered with Pampers, you’ll receive more baby coupons and newsletters than you ever thought possible. Do likewise with Enfamil and Similac to start collecting formula coupons, even if you plan to breastfeed. And take full advantage of companies that want to make you a loyal customer by providing free maternity and baby clothing samples.

Register the smart way

Be savvy and strategic with your baby registry. Focus on the basics and include just a few higher-priced items, like a baby swing, toddler seat, changing table, or a crib that turns into a toddler bed (if you don’t get them as hand-me-downs). Strollers and baby-carrying slings also make nice additions to your registry. You can save plenty of money now (and later) if you think your registry through carefully.

Even people who plan methodically for a baby can benefit from a thrifty approach to becoming a parent. There are so many ways to save money – some of which may not even become apparent until after your baby arrives. Keep watching for new ways to cut corners and get the biggest bang for your maternity and babycare buck.

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