How to Wash Baby Clothes and Clothes For People With Sensitive Skin

It’s challenging washing clothes for sensitive skin. We need to deep clean stains while minimizing detergent residue which can cause bacteria and allergens. These laundry care tips are perfect for washing baby clothes and clothes for those with sensitive skin.

1 – Don’t over load your washer with clothes.

Load your washer with just the right amount of clothes so the detergent can dissolve completely.

2 – Use hypoallergenic products

Most laundry detergents contain dyes and fragrances. Chemical dyes wear down the oily and protective layer of your skin which can lead to a condition known as contact dermatitis. The fragrances can cause respiratory problems. Many manufacturers add fragrance to laundry detergents because of the misconception that good smelling means cleanliness. Hypoallergenic laundry detergents do not contain these allergy and asthma symptom-causing harmful chemicals.

There are many hypoallergenic products on the market. One we love is by a brand call Purify My. Click HERE to check out their site.

3 – Don’t use too much detergent

Only use the amount of detergent suggested on the label in order for the detergent to be completely rinsed and free of residue.

4 – Rinse thoroughly

Use the extra or second rinse setting on your washing machine if it has one.

5 – Use a hypoallergenic liquid fabric softener

Clothes treated with a fabric softener have a potential benefit for people with sensitive skin.