How To Get Your Confidence Back After Having A Baby

Mums often feel insecure right after giving birth. Oftentimes, they still want to pamper themselves, but so many things are getting in their way. They worry about their kids, their household chores, their bills and everything for their family.

Makeovers for mums after having a baby is one of the best ways to get your old self back. Here are some tips on how to get your confidence back:

1. Be in Style

Being in style can help put a good impression. You can charm others by it. Mums can be in style, too. Great styling is they key to look and feel fashionable.

Here are some tips:

  • Wear dresses or clothes that make you feel comfortable and beautiful. Don’t get pressured to go with the latest fashion trends.
  • Consider great dress hire service for mums, if you want to try different styles but on a budget.
  • Stack on the colors that you like and love. Especially the colors that can brighten your look.
  • Pair your clothes with accessories such as bangles, bracelets, scarves, and caps to add some style with your plain clothes.

Embrace and accept your body’s imperfections. No one was born perfect. Even celebs, models and beauty queens have their own set of flaws. The greatest style that you can have is to be a better version of yourself. Celebrate your womanhood and motherhood.

2. Make-up

As a mom, you can still enjoy doing your own makeup. Tutorials are everywhere. You can find it in Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Some even provide makeup hacks.

Consider trying these makeup tips:

  • A high-quality BB cream, foundation or moisturizer can conceal the dark circles around your eyes.
  • Put some white eye shadow on the innermost corner of your eyelids to trick everyone that your eyes are wide awake.
  • If you can spend a little, try to dye your eyelashes and eyebrows. Get professional help to shape your eyebrows. It can make a difference with the whole look of your face.
  • A hint of rosy blush on your cheeks will create a fresh look.
  • Get a makeup basic kit such as lip gloss, lip tint, mascara, eyeshadow, blush on, concealer, moisturizer – all of these will come handy when you have a sudden walk, date or trip.

Taking care of your skin is still considered as a must even if you’re already a mother. Skincare products can be accessible via online websites, grocery stores, department stores, boutiques and even in drug stores.

Use these tips below to start your skincare regimen:

Daughter kissing mom on cheek

3. Skincare

  • Get enough rest or sleep when you can.
  • Rehydrate and drink more water. The results will manifest in your skin.
  • Plan your time efficiently. Do multi-tasking when you can.
  • Buy an effective shower gel with a premium moisturizer.
  • Buy makeup kits or set that gives two in one functions, such as a foundation with serum.
  • A fake tan can give glow to your skin and can help hide stretch marks.
  • If you have a tight budget, take advantage of your baby’s skin cream as your moisturizer, and use baby wet wipes as your make-up remover.
  • Eat fruits that have more liquid or water content such as pineapple or melon.

4. Haircare

It doesn’t mean that you have to take your hair for granted once you become a mum. In fact, it is hygenic. If hair is neglected, it becomes dry and you might get dandruff, too.

Save yourself from hair worries and try these hacks below:

  • Wash your hair during the night to save time for the morning. Straighten your hair at night or style it by the next day.
  • For long hair, ties are useful for quick up-dos.
  • Get gorgeous hair slides – they add class and glam to a plain ponytail look.
  • For frizzy or bed-hair, spray some salt spray for an elegant tousled look.
  • For greasy hair, tie it around your back and wash the fringe, or spray it with a dry conditioner or shampoo.
  • Use hair spas or keratin treatments every once in a while to relieve your hair from stress.

You must remember that it’s okay  to pamper yourself once in a while. Don’t feel bad or guilty about it. A happy mum equates a happy baby.

Take note your body did something beautiful by giving birth to a precious baby. Accept that you have your fair share of flaws which makes you more unique from the others. Love your imperfections. You are not alone. Millions of mums all over the world share the same thoughts and feelings that you have right now.