Hottest Trends In Baby Clothes For Boys

Trends in baby clothes aren’t set the same ways adult clothing trends are. We look to celebrities on the red carpet and the leaders of industries—children clothing trends are set by us. They don’t look towards other kids their age, and wonder where to buy that specific look. As the trendsetters for how children dress, it comes down to us.

More often than not, baby clothes are marketed to little girls: what about the boys? Their clothing trends are on a whole other spectrum. Luckily, we’ve done all the legwork for you. Here are the top three trends in baby clothes for boys.

The Tiny Gentleman

preppy toddler in hat
Styles from the 1920’s through the 1950’s have never really gone away. They come and go in waves, and it’s plain to see why. With undercuts coming back into style as of recent years, so has the classic preppy look. Get your little buddy ready for the Ivy League with all-white, button-up short sleeve shirts. We understand that children are messy; don’t get dress clothes—they’ll be stained before lunch. Keep it casual and classic with all-black sneakers and khaki-styled pants in a neutral color. These are some of the most versatile baby clothes for boys, applying to any child seamlessly.

90’s Skater Kid

skater kid toddler crawling
A lot of bands from the 1990’s have been reuniting and coming back into style as of late. As a result, there’s an increasing number of “skater kid” themed outfits, inspired by the music scene of the 90’s. We’re not talking ripped jeans or piercings, here—clean-cut styles inspired by this age of music.
90's kid in hat
If your little guy has a middle-length to longer hairstyle, a beanie hat with a few tufts of hair showing, alongside layered long-sleeved shirts, will inspire the feelings of your old CD collection, and keep your little man looking sharp and stylish. Add blue denim jeans and a pair of low-tops, and he’ll be ready to take the stage.

Vintage & Neutral

little boy with print shirt
Over the years, vintage, retro-styled logo t-shirts and sweatshirts have been seen everywhere. In store displays, through advertisements on your Facebook feed; it isn’t dying down. Black-and-white vintage logo t-shirts go excellent when accompanied by either black or gray denim jeans. The mixture keeps everything neutral, and looks exceptional when paired with black boots. Mix the fun of graphic t-shirts with classic apparel; your little guy will thank you when he looks back on his baby pictures.


When it comes to boys, there are styles that always fit the time period, but trends come and go. Your little boy deserves to look excellent while carrying on through the day; don’t make their baby pictures embarrassing for those first dates in the future. Have them look back through the photo album and nod in approval.