Featured Boutique of the Month: StylishLittleOnes

Baby bandanna bibs from StylishLittleOnes

I recently discovered this awesome Etsy boutique called Stylish Little Ones. This boutique has the most adorable little bandana bibs. They come in several different
stylish prints with most of them being unisex.

My baby boy is looking especially adorable wearing the black, white and gold triangles bandana. I love dressing him up in cute outfits and putting bibs on him to baby banana bib from stylishlittleones keep the outfits clean. Unfortunately, most of the bibs that look good enough to wear all the time turn out to be not all that functional. The bibs that did a good job of keeping him clean weren’t comfortable enough for him to wear for extended periods of time. The bibs from Stylish Little Ones are comfortable, stylish, and are actually good at being bibs. They are handmade with terry cloth on the inside that keeps any food or spit up from soaking through. I would recommend these bibs to anyone who wants style as well as functionality in a bib.

Stylish Little Ones also features hand made baby clothes, burp cloths, nursing covers and some other baby accessories. I would definitely recommend checking them out for some unique hand made baby products. They are currently running a promotion for 25% off. Use code PROMO25 at https://www.etsy.com/shop/StylishLittleOnes