4 Holiday Decoration Trends for this Season

You know how the story goes: Fall arrives and suddenly Father Time hits the pedal to the metal, accelerating straight through October and into the holiday season. We don’t know why time flies by so fast during this time of year but it’s unavoidable all the same. It might sound a little early to start decorating for all the Yuletide festivities, but planning proactively is a homemaker’s best kept secret.

White Christmas Tree Decor

Everyone is familiar with the traditional Christmas lights and garland, so why not kick it up a notch this year with the latest trends in décor? Whether you’re having a holiday party or you just want to breathe new life into your annual traditions, these decoration ideas are sure to stir up some excitement. Position your home as the brightest place on the block using these 4 tips.

Less is More

In all likelihood, you probably have boxes and boxes stacked in your basement or attic containing the baby’s first Christmas ornaments, their Popsicle stick project from 1st grade, and the trinket your in-laws got you on vacation. While these mementos hold a lot of sentimental value, they don’t necessarily lend a polished Pottery Barn aesthetic.

We’re not suggesting you go full Marie Kondo and toss all these treasures, but you if you want to embrace the latest design trends, you might consider keeping these in the box they call home this year.

Everything we see in popular interior design magazines suggests that less is more. You should aim for simple, elegant, and light. Compensate your minimalist silhouettes with bold and capturing colors like deep burgundy, dark blue, gray, and of course, forest green.

Personality in Presentation

The best part about scaling back on the amount of ornaments, wreaths, lights, and decorations you hang is that the items you do put on display will shine all the more brightly. Choose them wisely! If you’re looking for a statement piece that speaks volumes, go for Christmas canvas pictures that are customized to display you and your brood superimposed in a winter wonderland.

Custom ornaments are so 2011, but a beautiful canvas print will have all the neighbors asking where you had your photo shoot done. Here’s the catch: there’s no professional photographer required! All you need to do is put your little ones in their best holiday outfit and snap a picture on your phone. Upload it, choose the background and text you like best, and voila! You’ll have your very own personalized print that you can hang in the entry foyer to greet everyone with unique Christmas cheer.

Edison bulb Christmas lighting

Power to the Plaid

There’s little more satisfying that snuggling up to your toddler in their pajamas next to a warm fire watching the classic Christmas movies. You can make your home feel even cozier by placing a rustic twist on your seasonal decorations.

This year, we’re seeing so much plaid adorned throughout every room, pulling the design together and making every space feel like it’s part of a larger whole. We’re talking about plaid stockings, Christmas tree skirts, table runners, and more — you can even get the dog a matching plaid dog bed for a comprehensive scheme.

To embrace the full rustic vibe, think about placing your candles in lanterns and strategically stacking your wood logs next to the fire versus leaving them outdoors.

Let There be Light

You don’t need to go all the way back to the Book of Genesis to spark inspiration in your home. Revamp those classic Christmas lights with a new spin! Some suggestions include placing a strand of string twinkle lights inside of a wine bottle for your next White Elephant party, dripping strands over branches to make your Fig tree look like a chandelier, and lining your mantle with an LED ribbon that can be controlled with your voice.

We all know that when you have kids, you need a financial plan. “Holiday decorations” typically aren’t included within our annual forecasting or monthly budgeting, so you want to make sure that you’re not breaking the bank when it comes to stocking up at the store. Remember, less is more! You can also consider solar-powered lights outside that shine with renewable energy, saving you a ton of money on your electricity bill.

Above all else, it’s the spirit of the season that matters most — so keep that in mind during your decorating endeavors!