Palm Beachies | Why We Love These Water Shoes

Texas Summers | Pools and Splash Pads

With the middle of the Texas summer upon us we spend A LOT of time in the water. From our back yard pool to the local Splash Pads. We are water bugs! I’ve been on the search for good water shoes to protect my kids feet.  My son, Calvin, is 3 and has been taking swim lessons since he was 18 months old. This summer he decided that he is ready to be set free without a floaty in the pool. Much to my dismay, but this kid is fiercely independent. He is really a great swimmer for his age.

With multiple dips in our mini backyard oasis we discovered that our kids were rubbing their little tootsies raw on the pebbly finish. Which meant finding something to protect their feet was a high priority on my to do list.  

I had actually purchased a pair of water shoes from Walmart that were great but they weighed my kids down and took on water. That was a huge red flag for me with a newly floaty free 3 year old. So the hunt was on to find a pair of light weight shoes that were conducive to a teaching a 3 year old how to swim.

Palm Beachies | Why We Love These Water Shoes

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as I came upon the opportunity to collaborate with Palm Beachies. Palm Beachies is a company created by a French momma of two, living in Florida, who saw the need for comfy water shoes and followed her vision. I received these adorable dinosaur water shoes for my son.  He absolutely loves dinosaurs so that was a huge plus! These are easy to throw in our swim bag without weighing it down or taking up a bunch of space. The non-slip grip makes these the perfect shoe for around and in the pool. Palm Beachies are water resistant, breathable, comfortable and very light weight. 

Calvin put them on and we headed out to the pool right when we got them. He was able to swim without any added resistance from these shoes. Which was exactly what I was looking for! Per the care instructions we rinsed them with water and let them air dry.  After the second time in the pool the non slip grip had started to tear a bit. I was a tad disappointed, but that does not change the fact that these were awesome for light weight protection that doesn’t hinder swimming ability.

Plus, Let’s face it, kids are hard on their clothes, especially their shoes. This is taken to a whole new level when water gets added to the mix. The way our kids grow I’ll need to purchase new ones next year anyway regardless of the condition of the souls. If you are planning to purchase these for hiking waterfalls with your toddlers I would recommend you go in another direction. However, if you’re like me and need to protect their feet around pools and on beaches I think you will be satisfied. Overall, I’d give these a 4 out of 5. 

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