How To Save Money When Shopping For Kids Shoes

When you have a kid, you’ll notice that their feet become bigger and bigger quite fast. You might have just bought shoes. Before you even notice, the kid’s feet have gotten bigger again, and you need to buy another pair of shoes again.

Because of this, it’s wise to be more economical when shopping for shoes for your kids. Here are some ways to save money when shopping for kids’ shoes.

  1. Buy Budget-friendly Shoes

If you’re eyeing a branded shoes for your kid, it might be best to look for a cheaper alternative that looks like it. It’s more economical not to go for branded shoes since your child won’t need branded shoes at that age.

Since their feet are growing fast, that branded shoe will only last a few months. It’s better to save money and buy branded shoes when they’re older. You can also go to clearance sales to look for deals for kids’ shoes. In addition to that, another alternative is to look for kids’ shoes in outlet stores to get budget-friendly shoes that are still of good quality.

  1. Take Advantage of Loyalty Cards

Once you’ve found a brand that works for your kid and is not that expensive, stick to it. Many kids’ shoe stores offer loyalty programs that reward you for buying their products. For example, there’s a rewards program that offers a 20% discount exclusively for members. There are also some brands that offer a number of points for every $100 spent. Then, you can use these points to buy shoes in the future as well.

You can also use promo codes from on top of the points you get from loyalty cards.

  1. Go After Online Flash Sales

If you just wait and watch out for it, there are numerous flash sales online. For brands that you like, you can subscribe to their newsletter or turn on the notifications for that online store.

This way, you’ll get alerted at once when there is a flash sale. Sometimes, those online flash sales can get you up to 70 percent off on kids’ shoes.

  1. Get Promo Codes

Speaking of shopping online, there are many coupons available for you to get discounts. You just need a promo code.

Promo codes are the best since it gives you great discounts on your purchases. Sometimes, this is on top of the sale price. There are also promo codes that can get you free shipping on some websites. So, before making a purchase online, make sure you’ve exhausted all promos and searched the internet for promos.

You can try out rack room shoes promo code online to get promo codes for discounts on kids’ shoes. This will help you a lot in saving money.

  1. Use Ebates

When shopping online, you can get rebates. For example, Ebates will give you a percentage as a rebate for every purchase you make online. This usually ranges from 3 percent to 10 percent.

You might as well get a rebate if you’re making an online purchase. This will also have great savings for you. You won’t want to miss out on this since you don’t need to do anything for the rebate.

  1. Don’t buy baby shoes

When your kid is just a baby, it’s better if you don’t buy shoes for them. The reason for this is because babies usually can’t walk or stand yet. So, during this age, the baby can be barefoot or just in socks. Getting baby shoes is just a waste of money because your baby still can’t use it.

  1. Shop in Outlet Stores

Yes, outlet stores also sell shoes for kids. You can score on some good deals in outlet stores, especially for sports shoe brands, like Adidas, Nike, and Skechers. There’s also some buy-1-get-1 deals in some outlet stores.

If you come across those deals, you can buy one size that’ll fit for now, and then get another one with a size higher for next time. This is an efficient way to buy shoes for your kid.


There are many ways you can save on kids’ shoes. It’s not worth it to spend an arm or a leg for it since kids’ feet grow really fast. They won’t be able to appreciate or maximize the use of expensive shoes. Thus, you don’t always have to make expensive purchases on kids’ shoes. Hope these tips were able to help you.

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