Back To School 2019 With Bonnie Jean

I know, It’s August and it’s still scorching hot outside especially in Texas! However, schools coming y’all! Marked by summer tax holidays and increasingly inescapable marketing campaigns, it’s time to start thinking about going back to school. In fact, my daughter starts first grade on August 21! Now that’s absolutely insane to me. My husband and I grew up in Michigan where we didn’t start school until after Labor Day.

When I was a kid the back to school outfits were just as important as the school supplies and not much has changed. That outfit on the first day lets these young kiddos express their style and individuality. The key for us is finding cute outfits that work from the classroom to the playground. Bonnie Jean has our back to school look!

We received an early release of some of the Bonnie Jeans back to school line. Everything is Polyester, Cotton or Spandex. Or a combination of those kid friendly fabrics. I typically go for things with stretch because it provides a longer wearing capability for growing children. Also, my daughter is pretty petite but she has a long torso so we like longer tunic tops with shorts or leggings or occasionally dresses.

I wasn’t surprised at the outfit Reagan picked to try on first. The Darla Rainbow Tulle Dress is right up her alley! She loves color. She loves animal print. She loves to twirl and wear things that are pretty princess like and this dress has that. It also has a stretchy waist for room to grow. The dressy yet casualness of this outfit makes it perfect for the girly girls in your life who we can’t allow to wear heels and crowns to elementary school.

Our second favorite was this adorable Abbie Sneaker Legging set! The long skirted tutu top and matching printed leggings are on point with my little girls style. With the stretch and comfort of this outfit she should be able to get a couple years out of it.

The third outfit was the Melanie Stripe Dress. It is super soft, stretchy and comfortable. Boasting a fashionable mock neck and features a printed knit stripe and a tie front waist. It also comes with a stone and tassel necklace which Reagan decided wasn’t her style but its still super cute.

As a parent, August is a reminder that our kids are growing up with another school year around the corner and it sparks all those feels. I was absolutely blessed to work with Bonnie Jean Back To School 2019 along side my almost 1st grader. An opportunity I will always treasure! Follow us on social media for more family fun. Links below.