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Stylish Baby Holiday Outfit Inspiration with Gymboree

Posted on November 5, 2018
Affiliate links included – you don’t pay more, but I may get a small commission to help fund the blog, it’s a win win! The holidays are just around the corner which means it’s time to plan out what everybody will be wearing to all those special get togethers. If you’ve been waiting to find the perfect baby holiday outfit, then look no further than Gymboree. This classic brand is one of our favorites... READ MORE
Nursery decoration

Five Fantastic Room Decorations For Kids

Posted on June 27, 2018
Kids spend a lot of time in their room and use it not just for sleeping in but for playing, doing their homework, inviting over friends and other sneaky stuff they don’t want you to know. Seeing how most of their time is occupied in their rooms, it is important to make a careful investment when styling their room. You don’t want anything too expensive because they will eventually outgrow it. Instead, you want... READ MORE
Sustainable wardrobe for children

How To Create a Sustainable Wardrobe for your Child

Posted on May 29, 2018
FittedTot is launching a campaign to #BeKind…BeConfident…BeYou and we believe that part of Be KIND includes being kind to the earth and its inhabitants.  One way to be kind to the earth is by creating a sustainable wardrobe for your child. Most parents want to provide their children with the best life possible, and that means not only giving them the best life today, but also ensuring that they can have a bright future.  Fast fashion is... READ MORE
Top 23 baby clothes brands featured image collage

Top 23 Stylish Baby Clothes Brands Of Today | Cute Baby Clothes

Posted on May 16, 2018
Affiliate links included – you don’t pay more, but I may get a small commission to help fund the blog, it’s a win win! “I LOVE seeing the same baby clothes brands in every department store I visit!” is something no mom has ever said.  It can be difficult to find stylish baby clothes that stand out in the crowed.  This is one reason why FittedTot is on a mission to provide parents with... READ MORE
Top 10 Ways to Encourage Problem Solving

Top 10 Ways to Encourage Problem Solving

Posted on April 17, 2018
Children encounter thousands of problems every day, and sometimes don’t even realize it. From interactions with other children to investigating how different toys work. It is a part of childhood to be curious and ask questions. Here are ten ways to encourage problem solving in any environment. How Do You Feel? Getting in Touch with Emotions Many times, children become frustrated when they run into difficulties. This can lead to tantrums and behaviors like... READ MORE
FittedTot Kids clothing Kapital K Brand Spotlight

Kapital-K Brand Spotlight

Posted on March 22, 2018
Kapital-K kid’s clothing is so stylish and fun!  That’s why we’re excited to share this brand spotlight with you. If you like what you read and love this brand too, please help us show them support on Facebook and follow them on Instagram (@kapitalkclub). This brand was founded in 2008 and has already been nominated for Earnshaw Magazine’s Earnie award 3 times!  According to them, Kapital K’s story simply began with just a collection of adjectives: cool, hip, stylish... READ MORE
young and free brand spotlight cover phota

Young & Free Apparel: Kids Fashion Brand Spotlight

Posted on February 20, 2018
We’ve been excited to do a brand spotlight on Young and Free Apparel since our first inventory purchase arrived! If you like what you read and love this brand too, please help us show them support on Facebook and follow them on Instagram (@youngandfreeapparel). This amazing kids clothing brand was launched in 2014 and, like FittedTot, was founded by a husband and wife team. When Danielle was pregnant she began making things for their daughter and eventually... READ MORE
FittedTot example kids clothing subscription box

Why Moms Love kids Clothing Subscriptions

Posted on February 12, 2018
The benefits of using a monthly children’s clothing subscription box are plentiful.  If you’re familiar with the extremely popular Stitch Fix for adult clothing you probably get how this generally works.  You pay a monthly styling fee to receive a personalized box of stylish clothing and accessories each month.  Decide what you love and want to keep then send the rest back in a prepaid shipping bag, only paying for what you keep.  The... READ MORE
Boy in Tea Collection dress shirt and bow tie

Top 10 Ways To Encourage Kindness In Children

Posted on February 6, 2018
Kindness is a basic value parents attempt to instill in their children.  This isn’t as easy as it may seem at times, and we find ourselves surprised when our child doesn’t act in considerate, friendly, or generous ways when we may expect them to.  You might witness your child refusing to share their toys, hear them call their siblings names, or even receive a phone call from their school informing you that they’ve bullied a classmate. ... READ MORE

Brand Spotlight: Fore Axel and Hudson

Posted on February 1, 2018
Here is a new Brand Spotlight, featuring Fore Axel and Hudson, to share more about the kids clothing brands we work with here at If you like what you read and see below, please help us show support for this amazing brand and like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram (@foreaxelhudson). Fore Axel and Hudson is a stylish, sharp, golf-inspired collection for boys clothing and accessories.  Country club meets California cool is how they describe it. THREE... READ MORE

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