Babies on Social Media: Why we Love to Show off our Little Ones

Why we Love to Show off our Little Ones

I have never been keen on selfies and have always been somewhat camera shy and private.  However, as soon as I became a stepmom, I found myself taking thousands of pictures and making daily Instagram posts.  Having kids around didn’t suddenly make me any less camera shy, now I just had something worth showing off. 

They are so much more darn interesting than me.

The monotony of adulthood can be almost too much to bare sometimes.  Thank goodness for our babies to keep us on our toes.  They seem to literally always be doing something worth posting about.  I can only try out so many new restaurants and visit so many new places in the limited free time I have.  The kids though?  They have a seemingly endless amount of experiences worth sharing with the world. 

First times for anything tend to make good social media posts because new things are what excite your followers.  And well, kids have a lot of firsts.  First lost tooth, first cheerleading competition, first T-ball game, first choir concert, and first training wheel free bike ride were all firsts that I got to post about during my first couple months of being a stepmom. 

Why we Love to Show off our Little Ones

Not only do they do more interesting things than me, they always look cute while doing it!  I love sharing pics of the kids in cute outfits I pick out for them.  I also love sharing pics of them when they drop a popsicle on the brand new all white sun dress I just bought them.  Why? Because it’s a cute story and I know other’s can relate, or at least get a laugh at my rookie parenting move. Either way, kids just have that natural knack for making anything cute that us adults just can’t replicate no matter how many ways we try to angle the camera at ourselves. 

It’s less self-fulfilling

I think part of the reason I wasn’t that active on social media pre-children was because deep down it seemed to go against a sort of ingrained in notion that I shouldn’t talk about myself too much.  It either just didn’t seem polite or it didn’t seem like people would really care.

Now that my life revolves around my family, that notion is much less present.  I feel like I should share all the accomplishments and little milestones the kids make.  True or not, it seems like my audience would see that my posts are about how proud I am of them and not about seeking attention for myself. 

It doesn’t make us bad parents

There are so many ideas that get passed around about what makes a good parent and what makes a bad parent.  One concern involving social media is the idea that we are over exposing our kids.  I, for one, do not believe this to be true at all. 

For as much as it has been hailed taboo to brag about one’s self, it has been equally expected of a parent to brag about their kids.  Even if no one actually wants to hear about your first grader’s big spelling bee win, it would be a bit cold if you just brushed it off and didn’t tell anyone.  It might not actually make a difference to your child but would you really feel okay about it?  Again, maybe I’m just in newbie parent mode when I feel like those things should be shared, but I sincerely believe no one could fault you for it.

I suppose this would be a good time to announce that I am expecting my first baby of my own in exactly one week. Brace yourself because you best believe I will be sharing the crap out of my little cutie!

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  • Congratulations! Can’t wait to meet the baby.


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