Why Aren’t You Renting Clothes Yet? Here's 5 Reasons Why You Should:

Why Aren’t You Renting Clothes Yet

I was so excited when I started my first office job because it meant it was finally time to start building my new work wardrobe.  The outfits I was sporting were nowhere near designer but buying new ones all the time to keep my wardrobe fresh started to really add up.  After a while it felt like I was just wearing the same things all the time which didn’t do great things for my confidence.  Luckily I was watching Good Morning America one morning when they did a piece on online clothing rental and a light bulb went on: I should be renting clothes!

Why you should rent clothes

1. Cost Efficiency

Buying clothes is not like buying a house.  Your clothes will never go up in value and even the highest quality designer duds will be worth significantly less if you try to sell them after they’ve been worn (Unless you’re Beyonce).  When you rent clothes, you’re paying for a service to keep your wardrobe looking fresh and styled instead of the clothing individually. 

 2. Convenience

If you don’t believe me that renting clothes is actually cost efficient, you still can’t deny how convenient it is.  Depending on the service, you either choose the clothes you want sent to you or they are chosen for you based on the style preferences you submitted.  Either way, there’s no searching the racks for your size or waiting in lines to check out. 

How is it any more convenient than online shopping you ask?  All the rental sites I’ve come across pay for the return shipping unlike most retail stores if you want to return them by mail.  The one hesitancy I would have when buying clothes online was the fact that I couldn’t know for sure if they were going to fit.  I don’t worry too much with rental clothes because I know at least some of them should fit and I can just send them back for free anyway and get more.  

3. Adventure

I’m all for adventure… But generally not when it comes to buying clothes.  I won’t buy an item, no matter how much I love it, unless I know I’m going to get a lot of use out of it.  This way of stocking a wardrobe tends to get a little boring.  With rental clothes, I can get an awesome statement outfit without feeling guilty about only wearing it one time.  It also helps me to step out of my comfort zone and wear clothes that I normally wouldn’t pick out for myself. 

 4. Space Saving

I forgot to mention that when I started my first office job I was living in a studio apartment and everything in it came in the miniature version. I didn’t mind the dorm sized fridge, (I lived on yogurt and diet coke during my single days) but the micro closet was bursting at the seems.  Although I still had a “sock drawer” that was just a Rubbermaid tub that fit under my bed, renting clothes allowed me to just keep the staples on hand because the fun stuff just got worn and sent back.  I began to think of my rental service as a giant revolving closet that just laid out a few options for me each morning.

 5. Minimal Laundry

I would say that one underrated perk of clothing rental is that they handle the cleaning for you. One of the many things they didn’t teach me in college, but that I learned quickly soon after was that the “dry clean only” label isn’t just a suggestion.  I also learned that making regular trips to the dry cleaners is the worst. Renting clothes not only made my laundry load more manageable but it also eliminated my trips to the dry cleaners.

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