Tot Logic Baby Products Review

Tot Logic Baby Products Review

Us mommies are all on the hunt for completely non-toxic and gentle bath products for our children’s ever so delicate skin. However, we still want our products to get the job done. This is why I’m excited to say that I have found the perfect high quality, non-toxic product in TotLogic. The TotLogic product line is made from plant and mineral derived formulas with no synthetic fragrances. The products are also cruelty free with no synthetic dyes. You can check out the complete brand promise on their website.

Tot Logic Products

I usually don’t have my six-year-old daughter use “kids” shampoo since her hair is just as long and thick as mine. Those types of shampoos, although made with the fruity scents she loves, never seem to leave her hair feeling all that clean. It’s also tough to find “kids” separate shampoo and conditioner, as opposed to the two in one stuff which are always a flop. Naturally, I was excited to find that TotLogic makes separate “kids” shampoo and conditioner but was a little skeptical about how well the all-natural products would work.

We gave the shampoo and conditioner in original scent a try and ended up being pleasantly surprised with how awesome they worked. The shampoo left her hair feeling and smelling clean without an overwhelmingly perfumy scent. The conditioner was easy for her to rinse out completely (something she struggles with on occasion) and left her hair tangle free. She’s a bedtime bath taker and her hair is usually quite tangled the next morning when she’s getting ready for school. The morning after using TotLogic; however, she was able to easily brush out her hair.

She was actually a little bummed the conditioner worked so well because it meant she didn’t get to try the TotLogic leave in conditioning spray just yet. I generally hate using these types of sprays because they always leave her hair really greasy until the next wash. She really likes to use them though because they do make brushing out her thick hair much more tolerable. I waited for a morning when her hair was especially tangled to give the TotLogic conditioning spray a try. I got her hair a little damp and gave it a few good spritzes. It honestly worked like magic! Her hair turned from a matted, tangled mess into silky, comb-able locks. Her hair seemed a little bit greasy after the dampness dried but definitely not like some of the other leave in conditioners we’ve tried.

One thing I really love about TotLogic is that even though it’s a smaller company, it still offers plenty of different options like the larger companies. The shampoo and conditioner worked great for my six-year-old but I prefer to keep it simple for my 6-month-old and only use a single product at bath time. TotLogic offers a two in one wash and shampoo product which I found to be a great all natural alternative to Johnson’s head to toe wash. TotLogic offers it in original and lavender scent. Never being a fan of lavender, I ordered all my products in original scent. The two in one wash was very gentle on my little guy and got the job done. I love that it’s made with no synthetic fragrances and left him smelling clean and fresh without any irritation.

The only TotLogic product I wasn’t completely thrilled with was the body lotion. Both my son and my daughter have developed pretty dry skin this winter so I thought the lotion would be a good addition to our bedtime routine. Although it went on clean without leaving a greasy residue, it didn’t seem to keep the skin moisturized for very long. For a six-month-old who hates to sit still, using a product that requires multiple applications is just not ideal.

            Overall, I found the TotLogic line to be fantastic and would recommend it to all my mommy friends. Logic Products also has home, dog, and lice product lines. I will definitely be giving the home product line a try since I was highly satisfied with both the effectiveness and gentleness of the baby products.

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