Top 5 Best Baby Costumes found on Etsy

Top 5 Best Baby Costumes found on Etsy

It’s safe to say the best Halloween costumes are always the hand made ones. Unfortunately, not all of us are gifted enough DIYers to create an intricate costume worthy enough for our little ones on Halloween.  For those of us who couldn’t find our way around a sewing machine if our life depended on it, we’ve got Etsy.  Here is a list of some of the most adorable Halloween costumes available on Etsy. 

Best for Newborn: Crochet Frog


Let’s face it, Halloween for newborns is more about the photo op than anything else.  If you’re expecting a fall baby, make those first portraits extra adorable with a crochet costume.  We especially love this little frog outfit from Etsy shop: byPureInc.

Most Girly: Repunzel Tutu Dress


If your looking for something special for your little girl, might as well go big.  Big tutu that is! This fabulous Repunzel costume will make your little princess the talk of the kingdom.  It’s made to order by Etsy shop: AbbyJadeCreations.

 Most Unique: Spaghetti and Meatballs


It’s just to easy to dress your little pumpkin up as… a pumpkin.  Silly costumes are even more adorable.  Give the neighbors something to talk about and dress your unique little munchkin as something fun like spaghetti and meatballs. Check out this cute number from Etsy shop: MJSpiritWear. 

Most Cozy: Fleece Hippo Costume


Nothing kills a great costume like having to wear a snowsuit over it.  If you want to make sure your little one is both adorable for Halloween as well as comfy, its best to find a costume that’s made for warmth.  This adorable fleece hippo costume from Etsy shop: oKidz is perfect for a chilly Halloween night. 

Most Popular: Lobster Baby


And the winner goes to… Lobster Baby!  This unique, fab, photo ready, cozy costume is the perfect getup for your delicious little monster!  This wildly popular DIY costume has been seen and loved by everyone on the web. But, if you want to avoid an epic Pinterest fail for this ever important holiday, best leave it to the professionals at Etsy shop: MJSpirit Wear.  Their hand made lobster baby costume is the best one you can find.








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