Dressing Baby for the Holidays Recap: Dressy vs. Cutesy

Dressy vs. Cutesy

I was faced with a dilemma going into this holiday season with my six-month old boy.  How should I dress him for all the parties and photo ops?!  I thought the decision would be easy at first.  Just browse the mall for a cute dressy outfit that screamed “It’s my first Christmas!”  The task turned out to be not quite so simple. 


First of all, holiday dress for babies can be put into two categories: dressy and cutesy.  The dressy category encompasses the classic holiday garb of collared shirts or sweaters and slacks for boys and satin dresses and tights for girls. The cutesy category is a bit more modern in that it includes goofy Christmas prints and clothing literally exclaiming, “It’s my first Christmas!”  Both options are equally adorable in my book so how do you choose?


You really can’t go wrong with either choice.  Even if you’re going to a fancy party, no one is going to complain if your little baby isn’t exactly dressed to the nines.  Also, if your get-together is on the casual side, there’s nothing wrong with dressing your baby up more than yourself.  Baby dress definitively doesn’t have to conform to adult attire rules.  Babies look cute in anything after all! 


Since we had multiple (quite casual) holiday get-togethers, I decided to do both looks.  For our Christmas Eve party, I dressed him in an adorable Christmas print pullover with green and white striped pants.  He looked like the cutest little elf there ever was!  It was just a fun look that everyone adored and will make it obvious in photos that it was Christmas.  Once it got closer to bed time (7:30) he made an outfit change into his Santa PJs.  This helped to keep him close to his normal schedule and Holiday PJs are always a party pleaser. 

 Toddler with Santa

I’m not a huge fan of the Onesies that say “My first (insert Holiday here)!”  They come off a little lazy and boring to me.  Personally, they just tend to not fit my baby so well as he is a six-month old wearing size 12 month clothes.  These outfits are good for making it obvious in photos what Holiday it is and can offer consistency for scrapbooking and Instagram feeds. 


I chose to dress him up a little more for our Christmas day get-together.  I love all the fancy shirt and tie outfits they make for little boys but since I went that route for Thanksgiving I decided on a nice sweater instead.  He looked so handsome and grown up in his navy blue shawl sweater with a low key winter print.  This was especially adorable because my husband was able to wear a matching outfit. 

 Toddler in Christmas Sweater

The downside to this outfit was that he got overheated after a while and I had to strip him down to a onesie once it was time to open presents.  But, if I had gone the bow tie route, it probably wouldn’t have lasted all day either. 


Conclusion:  You can’t go wrong with either option! Babies seriously do look cute in anything for the Holidays.  Your friends and family are just so excited to see the little one that you absolutely do not need to feel pressured into buying a new party outfit they will only wear once.  If you do want to put them in something special for the occasion, dress them in whatever you think looks cute. Just remember babies want to be comfortable so be prepared for a wardrobe change.  Pajamas make a great option for this as well.  And don’t forget to take lots of photos!

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