Don’t buy clothes for your baby ever again.

shopping for baby clothes

Don’t buy clothes for your baby ever again

Okay, you can buy some clothes for your favorite little Instagram model but going crazy on the high end duds is just that, crazy! Babies grow out of their clothes so fast it just isn’t economical for most to keep them in brand new stylish outfits all the time.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “But those little outfits are just so cute!” That’s why a “Netflix” style subscription for baby clothes is perfect for the mom who wants to keep her baby styling but doesn’t want to spend a fortune to do it.

“Netflix” style?

Before Netflix gave us the ability to stream an entire season of our favorite TV show in one weekend, it sent out DVDs. Your movie would arrive in the mail, you’d watch it, then you’d send it back. A new movie would be coming your way as soon as the old one was received. This gave you the ability to watch unlimited movies on your own schedule and for one set price.

“Netflix” style is going to start popping up as the way to satisfy a lot of other needs that may not be so obvious yet. Is our need for cute baby clothes really any different than for movies? You can buy the cutest most expensive outfit in the world but you won’t have your baby wear it everyday. In fact, that outfit loses it’s charm the more its worn. Of course you can have your sentimental items. I would never suggest that you shouldn’t buy your little girl a special birthday dress or splurge on a baptism gown that you will cherish forever. Items you consider keepsakes should be bought… because they are meant to be kept.

Have your cake and eat it too

Everyday clothes on the other hand, are not meant to be kept. This may surprise you but it shouldn’t. You ARE willing to part with all those cute and pricey outfits once they no longer fit. You just don’t bother to get rid of them until a) you can’t stand the clutter anymore or b) you know someone else who could use them. One way or the other, those clothes will eventually leave your possession.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “I want to reuse the clothes while they still fit.” Okay… or you could put your baby in new clothes instead. With a “Netflix” style subscription you will have continuous variety without committing to individual outfits.

If you’re still not convinced that the “Netflix” style subscription is the future, think about what the real goals are when you buy baby clothes. You want to a) fulfill the necessity of clothing your baby and b) you want them to look adorable in high quality clothing. Many parents accumulate several staple items to satisfy the necessity part but only buy a few special items for their babies to look extra cute on occasion. With a subscription, you will not have to choose between having enough and having the best.

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